Thursday, May 26, 2011

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Imagine! Create! Share!

Connecting Children to Nature Through American Literature 1890-Today exhibit website and the companion Exhibit Discussion Blog inspire new ideas and learning opportunities! This is where educators, students, and families can share great ideas how to enhance the lessons and meaning of the selected books. Have fun with this so that there can be a lively discussion. We will continue to monitor and comment throughout the year.

Remember to visit the Sharing Curriculum: Curricula Format site for guidance how to post your learning activity ideas and curriculum.

Also visit the Creative Reflections on Nature Corner and send in your art, creative writing, or article that created a deep connection to nature.

Featured Books

1890 - 1940
Seed Babies
Wild Animals I Have Known
Among the Meadow People
Old Mother West Wind

1940 - 1960
Paddle to the Sea
Blueberries for Sal [Discussion June 5-12, 2011]
A Tree is Nice
The Sense of Wonder

1960 - 1980
The Giving Tree
Ranger Rick Magazine
Julie of the Wolves
Sharing Nature With Children

1980 - Today
Owl Moon
Joyful Noise

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Imagine! Create! Share!

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