Morgan Academy Hatchet discussion

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Hatchet by Gary Paulsen - 1987
HatchetGrades 6 and up

  • Summary:  Thirteen - year - old Brian is the only survivor when a small plane crashes into the Canadian Wilderness. He learns to build a fire, fish and hunt, and make a home with a single hatchet.  Lots of gritty detail creates an exhausting and exhilarating story of the personal qualities needed to understand and appreciate the forces of nature.
  • Quote:  "He started ripping the bark, using his fingernails at first, and when that didn’t work he used the sharp edge of the Hatchet, cutting the bark into thin slivers, hairs so fine they were almost not there."
  • Question:  What was it about Brian that made it possible for him to survive in the wilderness alone?

Discussion with Morgan Academy 6th and 7th grade boys below TBA.

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